Unlimited Snack


Children are given snack in between main meals through out the day. Fruits and pudding are always on IMG_1365
display for children to help themself through out the day. All cookies served to the children in Flying Star Day Care are home made by the centre it self. Children with allergy to nuts, milk, and sugar must inform the team immediately of their child allergies.

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Star Ysa School


Children entering the Tempat Penitipan Anak Flying Star Daycare Program will automaticlly be enrolled in Star Ysa School Program when they reach the age of 18 month. Before the age of 18 month, partipation to the school program is optional. In school Children will learn; how to socialize with other children and adults properly, how to communicate and control their emotional needs, how to communicate through language, music and art.

In Kindergarten class children will learn Science, Math, English, Reading, Writing, Music, and Art. Star Ysa Primary and Kindergarten School Program ensure that every child have fun and learn through play. Learning is design through Themes and centres. Subjects are integrated between one another and children will be learning as a whole.

When a child enters Primary by the age of 6 years old he will learn additional subject such as computer, PPKn, Religion, PLBJ, and Social Studies. At this age group children are encourage to self learn, to be independant learners, teachers are their to guide each child to find answers to their question. Children are encourage to think about their answers, to figure out where they will be able to find answers to their questions.

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Shower 2x/day


In tempat penitipan anak Flying Star Daycare, children will be given showers in the morning and in the afternoon. Children whom have taken showers in their own house will have me time before 7 am and have breakfast after 7 am. A child under the age of 2 will be given shower 1 to 1. Meaning one assistant will shower one child. a child of 2 years old will be given shower 1:2, whi
ch means one assistant two children. This is helpful for children to see and learn how to bath them self. Through watching an assistant bathing another child, the other child will know which part of his body they need to clean and how to clean them. Children will bath according to their own gender.

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After School Program


Once Star Ysa Primary and kindergarten School finish their school program children will wpid-img-20141024-wa0011.jpgthen have their lunch, and take their naps. After their naps, children will then have their snack accompanied with Milk.

Tempat Penitipan Anak Flying Star Daycare After School Program consist of fine motor skill activity, art, painting, drawing, learning how to be a team player, sportsmanship, penmanship,  how to socialize with friends.

During through play, children will learn how to socialize. They will learn how to socialize with older children, younger children, children of their own age, and how to communicate with an adult. Communication to children their own age and to adults don’t come naturally to all children. Some children need to learn how to do it. Tempat Penitipan Anak Flying Star Day care will assit children through this children,f or those who need them.

Gross motor skill stimulation program are also run in the after school shutterstock_101687443program. Tempat penitipan anak FLying Star Daycare in Lebak bulus have a bicycle track, running track, soccer field, tennis court, and a jungle gym that will train upper muscle strength. A well constructed jungle gym will enlarge children bone structure and stimulate growth to the bones, creating heavier bone mass.

In tempat penitipan anak Flying Star Daycare, children will take turn
deciding what they should play today, this event stimulated leadership in children. Asking them to decide and lead other children what they should do, how they should do it, and who will do what part of the play. Other children who are not picked on that day will learn how to follow orders from other children, practicing socializing skill in an organizational manner. They will learn how to cooperate with others although they might not want to do it, they will learn to enjoy them self, to always see things from the bright side, although things are not going according to their plan.

Swimming is a part of the the after school program for children of the age of 3 years old. swimming activity in tempat penitipan anak Flying Star Daycare will be on every Friday when it is not raining.

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After School Lesson


An after school lesson differs from the afternoon program in tempat penitipan anak Flying Star Day care. An afternoon program is free, where as parents need to pay additional to join in the after school lesson. What includes in the after school lesson:

  • Swimming lessonafter school lesson
  • Martial Art
  • Tennis
  • Ballet
  • Soccer
  • Ngaji
  • Piano
  • Guitar

Parents can choose one or more program for their children. Every program has its own fee.

There is no extra charge for children to be swimming in the swimming pool, extra charge is charge when children take swimming lesson.

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Learn to Socialize


Being able to socialize is a very important skill in life. Here in tempat penitipan anak Flying Star Daycare Jakarta, children will learn how to socialize towards their peers in the same age group, younger and older. By attending penitipan anak Flying Star Daycare Jakarta children will learn how to socialize with peers who are younger than them, to take care of your siblings, to be gentle, more patient to those younger than them, to be able to lead and show how to be a good example in daily lives.

Socializing with peers in the same age group during play, children in tempat penitipan anak Flying Star Daycare Jakarta will learn how to communicate within on another, how to solve arguements without biting or tantrum, how to lead during play, to set rules, learn how to follow rules, how to place one self in a community within their age group. Children in tempat penitipan anak Flying Star Daycare Jakarta, will also learn how to socialize with those older than them. To learn how things are to be done by observing those older than them, to communicate with children older than them, they will learn how to talk to an adult, and ask help when they are in trouble or when they cannot solve a dispute amongst themself.

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Stimulate Physical Growth

Tempat penitipan anak Flying Star Daycare Jakarta stimulate children physical growth by providing nutritious food and also providing generous amount of gross motor skill activity.

Eating time is done by family style eating, children will learn table manners, learn to wait on the table until others finish their food, while waiting they are though to see what others are doing. Those who can communicate can join in conversation, while waiting for others to finish eating. Fruits and pudding are placed in show cases for easy access to those who want to are hungry outside meal hours. These foods are provide throughout the day.

Tempat Penitipan Anak Flying Star Daycare has a running tract, a bicycle tract, a small tennis court, and a small soccer field. We also have a jungle gym to ensure children have good bone mass by doing a lot of exercise through play.

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Emotional Expression

Growing up is never easy. Children with limited ability to a language have a tendency to bite and hurt others. Here in tempat penitipan anak Flying Star Day Care Jakarta children are thought to express their emotional needs or feelings, through music, dance, art, english language and bahasa indonesia language. When a child is able to express themself better, they will no longer bite or hurt others, those whom have difficulty in expressing their emotion tend to be high tempered and depressed. To raise a happy child, in tempat penitipan anak Flying Star Daycare Jakarta we urge all team members to ensure when a child express a form of anger, they are given the words or outlet to express those anger.

During daily circle time, teacher spend time in discussing about feelings, and identifying emotion. Emotion is abstract it can not be seen, it can only be felt. By discussing repeated example of how these emotion might bubble up younger children can easier identify what emotion they are feeling by seeing older children express their emotion and giving examples of their emotion.

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Being Creative is another aspect here in tempat penitipan anak Flying Star Daycare consider is important as part of a the whole child learning system. Being creative ensure that the right brain and the left brain are kept at a balance. Being creative opens new opportunities and strategies. Being creative is the basis to those who later on in life want to become entrepreneurs, artist, and musicians. Music is the heart of the soul. Creativity is also a skill that once cannot conquer just through reading or writing, but by involvement, by experimenting, by not being afraid to fail and be wrong, to keep on trying of the un known

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Language is not only expressed by speaking, art is also a language of expression, so is music, and dance. Here in tempat penitipan Flying Star daycare, children learn two languages; english and bahasa indonesia. The more language a child learns at an  early age the more active neurons are created and connected inside the brain.

The more active neuron connection a brain has, the faster an individual will learn something new

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