After School Program


Once Star Ysa Primary and kindergarten School finish their school program children will wpid-img-20141024-wa0011.jpgthen have their lunch, and take their naps. After their naps, children will then have their snack accompanied with Milk.

Tempat Penitipan Anak Flying Star Daycare After School Program consist of fine motor skill activity, art, painting, drawing, learning how to be a team player, sportsmanship, penmanship,  how to socialize with friends.

During through play, children will learn how to socialize. They will learn how to socialize with older children, younger children, children of their own age, and how to communicate with an adult. Communication to children their own age and to adults don’t come naturally to all children. Some children need to learn how to do it. Tempat Penitipan Anak Flying Star Day care will assit children through this children,f or those who need them.

Gross motor skill stimulation program are also run in the after school shutterstock_101687443program. Tempat penitipan anak FLying Star Daycare in Lebak bulus have a bicycle track, running track, soccer field, tennis court, and a jungle gym that will train upper muscle strength. A well constructed jungle gym will enlarge children bone structure and stimulate growth to the bones, creating heavier bone mass.

In tempat penitipan anak Flying Star Daycare, children will take turn
deciding what they should play today, this event stimulated leadership in children. Asking them to decide and lead other children what they should do, how they should do it, and who will do what part of the play. Other children who are not picked on that day will learn how to follow orders from other children, practicing socializing skill in an organizational manner. They will learn how to cooperate with others although they might not want to do it, they will learn to enjoy them self, to always see things from the bright side, although things are not going according to their plan.

Swimming is a part of the the after school program for children of the age of 3 years old. swimming activity in tempat penitipan anak Flying Star Daycare will be on every Friday when it is not raining.

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