Star Ysa School


Children entering the Tempat Penitipan Anak Flying Star Daycare Program will automaticlly be enrolled in Star Ysa School Program when they reach the age of 18 month. Before the age of 18 month, partipation to the school program is optional. In school Children will learn; how to socialize with other children and adults properly, how to communicate and control their emotional needs, how to communicate through language, music and art.

In Kindergarten class children will learn Science, Math, English, Reading, Writing, Music, and Art. Star Ysa Primary and Kindergarten School Program ensure that every child have fun and learn through play. Learning is design through Themes and centres. Subjects are integrated between one another and children will be learning as a whole.

When a child enters Primary by the age of 6 years old he will learn additional subject such as computer, PPKn, Religion, PLBJ, and Social Studies. At this age group children are encourage to self learn, to be independant learners, teachers are their to guide each child to find answers to their question. Children are encourage to think about their answers, to figure out where they will be able to find answers to their questions.

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